Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What is Foot Zoning?

God has very kindly given us ways to work on problems in our bodies. Amazingly, our entire body is “mapped” into our feet. This means that areas on the feet correspond to and represent every single part of our body. There’s an area representing the heart, the thyroid, the left hip joint, the pituitary gland, the right thumb, etc. By “working over” the feet, we can send a message to each area in the body to wake up and do what it’s supposed to do. This idea is at the heart of Foot Zoning, a modality that uses a specific protocol on our body’s foot map to be able to help us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Foot Zoning differs from reflexology in that requires a complete protocol to be performed on both feet in each session. This strengthens the entire body gradually as it is able and makes it possible for your body to make improvements in the priority order it needs to. It also helps to assure that your body will be strong enough to handle dealing with problems when it’s ready to.

When someone is getting a full Foot Zone regularly, their body can then handle what is referred to as “partial zones”, which is to just work on specific problem areas.